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V-Call Center Link (VCC Link), Inc. was established in 2004 primarily as a firm that offers solutions to offshore and outsourcing companies, addressing business needs such as the supply of quality workforce, customer service training, and turnkey solutions set up.

Champion contributor for the Philippines Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector, VCC Link has now focused on providing recruitment solutions to the outsourcing industry.

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Multi-award-winning, VCC Link provides top-tier solutions to its Fortune Global 500 clients. We offer bespoke, agile, and efficient strategies to help fulfill your workforce needs across all functions in corporate, consulting, operations, and technology verticals.

With over 8,000 life-changing career opportunities served, VCC Link is a professional partner to job seekers looking for career advancement. We support, with compassion, employment opportunities to fresh graduates, supervisors, top-level management, and C-Suite decision-makers.

Our goal: to spark the flow of 100,000 improved lives through better jobs by 2030. Empowering lives since 2004, this is what we do.

Our Purpose

Through providing solutions and efficient strategies, VCC Link supports all types of individuals to be the best they can be. 

This is true to VCC Link’s purpose since 2004 – Empowering Lives.

Our Purpose

Our Ambition

VCC Link aims to be the most distinguished support group within the outsourcing industry and provide 100,000 jobs to Filipinos by 2030.

Our Team

Paolo Manuel

Managing Director

Red Miralles Jr.

Senior Operations Manager

Rich Aquino

BPO Expert and Multilingual Hiring Recruitment Manager

Ann Granolin

IT Infrastructure, Automation, and Data Analytics Hiring Recruitment Manager

Nilham Cordon

BPM Operations, Corporate and Consulting Solutions Hiring Recruitment Manager

Thea Odad

Human Resource and Admin Lead


At VCC Link, we are Talent Advisors primed in providing effective solutions to your hiring needs.

IT Infrastructure, Automation, and Data Analytics Hiring

We specialize in supporting roles for Information & Technology Demand with almost every technology covered with unrivaled candidate placements for different IT Verticals such as ERP roles, Software Development and Automation, Data Analytics, Database Management, IT Support Infrastructure, and so much more. Our consultants are industry specialists with in-depth understanding of the IT job market. With passionate expertise, we provide excellent IT hiring experience.

BPM Operations, Corporate & Consulting Solutions

We augment the gap of our client’s hiring needs by providing quality candidates through a process that we have professionally designed. We deliver highly qualified talents in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Training and Development, Digital Marketing, Legal and Compliance, Facilities and Engineering, Supply Chain, and Risk Compliance – servicing multiple Industries from E-Commerce, FinTech, Social Media, Travel, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and a lot more. Here at VCC Link, we provide only the best among the best of talents.

BPO Expert and Multilingual Hiring

Several industries like Healthcare, Travel, Finance, Sales, and Telecommunications, are in need of diverse support. At VCC Link, our BPO Expert Team is committed to continuously forecast and match applicants’ expectations with what our multinational clients can offer. Through innovative sourcing methods, we not only help candidates land jobs – we empower our clients by providing them access to a workforce of high caliber.


What People Are Saying

“Nilham is a tenacious recruiter, she has a knack for building relationships and connecting with her clients. She helped me land my current job which gave me an amazing opportunity. Her strong suits are her perseverance in doing the tasks and getting the job done. On top of that, she is always ready to assist and help you in any way she can. Keep up the good work Nilham, you can go places!”

Karen S.

Business Development Manager

“I am thankful for all your efforts and guidance in making sure that I am well updated at each step of the hiring process. This is actually my first time applying through a recruitment company. I appreciate the quick responses whenever I have questions or clarification. You are professional, but also passionate and sincere in doing your job and making the process easier for me. My experience with VCC Link has been great and I would highly recommend your company. Thank you and God bless.”

Eunice O.

Customer Service Representative

“I was impressed with Ms. Lalaine’s enthusiasm, communication skills, and professional demeanor the time she assist me on my application. I definitely recommended her as one of the best recruiters I experienced in assisting the candidates. VCC Link shows the quality of service that everyone wants. Thank you Ms. Lalaine for all the help! 😊”

Vanessa M.

Jr. HR Business Partner

“I am very blessed to have Krisha as my recruiter. Without her, I am not in my position right now. Krisha does her Job well and for me she exceeded what’s VCC Link is expecting from her. She is very friendly, accommodating and always ready to assist me even if it’s weekend. My application journey with VCC Link went Outstanding from start to end. Actually even if I’m already hired, Krisha is still assisting me to my inquiries and making sure that I am in a good position.”

Daryll P.

Business Intelligence Specialist

“This is just a simple thank you to VCC Link. Special mention to Ms. Niña Racho who helped and guided me during the whole hiring process until I signed the job offer. It was a long wait because of the pandemic — I had to wait since October last year for this and she never failed to update me and set the needed interviews until I finally heard the magic words: “Congratulations! You made it as Sr. Manager.” Kudos! 🙂”

Joy T.

Sr. Procurement Manager

“I am very grateful on how you and VCC Link assisted me for my entire application process in a leading International Financial Services company. You guys are very consistent in following up and providing updates for my application which I am very overwhelmed with. Keep up the good work!”

Jerome B.

Client Account Representative

“When I came across VCC Link from Jobstreet and submitted my application, you will receive a call from one of their team confirming your application and with affirmation that they are ready to help you every step of the way while finding a company that best suits to your skills. And believe me, they really did, they really helped me up until I got my job offer. They left no stones unturned. They are passionate in helping people to reach success. With VCC Link, they will give you more opportunities for you to find a better career outside of your comfort zones. I highly recommend VCC Link to those who are seeking opportunities, especially to those who want to experience a career shift in the BPO industry. Also special mention to their one of the best supports, Lalaine O who did a great job in finding a new company for me. Thank you so much VCC Link and to Lalaine. 😀👍😘”

Jovelle L.

Real Time Analyst

“Krisha played a big part on my professional career as she has been my Recruiter since my very first job as a Developer. She’s always ready to assist and lend ears if I need someone to talk about work or if I want to make a career move. She also knows the job she is offering to. All the questions I asked were answered and explained very well. Application with VCC Link went very smooth, from interview, processing of requirements, to approval of the new job. Maybe I should not say ‘until’ since even if I already got the role, their recruiter makes sure to continuously check their applicants. What I like about their recruiters is they never leave their candidates hanging. Krisha has been my career advisor and I considered her as one of my confidants.”


Software Java Developer

“I’m so thankful that I found VCC Link, especially Ms. Mayet. She is hands on and goes out of her way to help me throughout the recruitment process. She responds very quickly and is always available whenever I would have questions. She introduced me to opportunities that I never would have found without her help. I’m grateful for all the support she has provided and I will definitely recommend her to my colleagues.”

Chrizia T.

Team Leader

“VCC Link helped me land a job. It was January of 2022 when I have decided to apply for a FINRA job and I got a call few hours after I submitted my resume. On that same day, I got the post. VCC Link did not stop there, they continuously helped me and updated me specially Ms. Katreena. She frequently updates me on what’s going on with my application and never fails to assist me. It was very smooth. It is my first time to experience a very hands on recruiter. I really appreciate everything and I hope a lot more people will experience the same thing.”

Greko D.

Customer Service Representative, FINRA

“My experience with VCC link has been amazing. The level of service has been exceptional from start to finish. Risse was extremely friendly and highly involved throughout the whole process, with feedback from the employer being communicated to me almost immediately. Definitely a good balance between friendliness and professionalism. I’ll be starting a job soon in a prestigious company and couldn’t have done it without VCC Link.”

Clarissa R.

Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA – Oceana)

“I am so grateful for VCC Link for helping me land a job in one of the leading International Financial Services company. The assistance I received all throughout my application was tremendously helpful. I would like to express my gratitude to your associate Katreena as she was unbelievably helpful. She’s very involved and she has updated me well with my application process. My experience with VCC Link is amazing – something that I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much.”

Stephanie B.

Client Account Representative

“VCC Link has been a trusted partner of our company for its key openings. The recruiters of VCC Link are very accommodating to our hiring requests and adjust when needed. They have been providing quality profiles for my team.”

Eleanor M.

Talent Acquisition Lead (Multinational IT company)

“I am overall satisfied with the processing of my applications by Maeve and VCC Link. I am specially grateful that my disability had not hindered them from continuing to process me. In fact, it seems that I am being endorsed very well since the companies that interviewed me are made aware about my disability but still proceeded with the skills interviews so I can demonstrate my skills and knowledge for the positions I applied for. I will be happy to be processed again by Maeve and VCC Link should another opportunity arise. Thanks.”

Franklin C.

ReactJS Developer

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  • Julius is the Recruitment Manager for the Technology Team that supports Infrastructure, ERP, SDLC, Solutions Architecture, Data Management, Database Management and Project Management segments. He has several years of experience in supporting clients from various industries such as IT-BPM, Shared Services, Banking, Financial Technology, FMCG, E – Commerce and other big industries. He has a systematic approach in connecting Filipinos to better careers and put high value in providing positive experience to both candidates and clients.

  • Thea is the Human Resource and Admin Lead at VCC Link. With over 5 years of solid experience in HR leadership and expertise in People Analytics, she promotes and nurtures knowledge exchange both within and beyond the organization. A soul-searching individual, breadwinner, and a natural born leader, she made it her life’s career to help people discover their greater purpose and become the infinite version of themselves.

  • “Nil” is the Recruitment Manager of the BPM Operations, Corporate and Consulting Solutions Hiring Recruitment Manager. Her 7 years of industry background and expertise in Volume Hiring, Operations, Corporate and Consulting roles made her a dedicated leader with a passion for providing top-notch talents. Her remarkable performance in her craft has allowed her to develop a team of recruiters who leaves no stone unturned, an approach warmly received by both their clients and candidates.

  • Ann is the Recruitment Manager of the IT Infrastructure, Automation, and Data Analytics Hiring Team. She started as Recruitment Consultant and became a consistent top performer in handling verticals across all requisitions in Volume Hiring, Operation, Corporate and Technical Requirements. She is a full-time fur parent and artist in her pastime who believes in creating a work environment that fosters growth, resilience, and avant-garde thinking.

  • Rich is the Recruitment Manager of the BPO Expert and Multilingual Hiring Team. After more than 7 years of experience in end-to-end recruitment, Rich was able to climb the ladder and master her skills in supporting diverse roles including Volume, Corporate, and Technology Hiring. Her love for adventure, nature, and dedication to good leadership reflects her centeredness in the continuous process improvement and adaptation towards the changing trends of the industry. Alongside this is her dedication to promoting an exponential organizational culture driven by excellence and purpose.

  • Red is the Senior Operations Manager at VCC Link. Having been in the Recruitment Services for over 14 years, Red began his career in quality assurance and has now become an expert in ISO Quality and Environmental Systems. He is an advocate of the Coaching culture since 2019 and obtained certification as a Life and Performance Coach in 2021. A dog-lover, compassionate leader, and responsible bread winner, Red is leading VCC Link to attain its purpose of empowering lives.

  • Paolo Manuel is the Managing Director and the overall head of VCC Link. For over 18 years, he delivers and provides top-tier solutions to VCC Link’s partners, as well as opens life-changing career opportunities to many. He is an advocate of the IT-BPM industry and contributes to the sector by matching and finding the right talents for VCC Link’s clients. He finds real passion in helping Filipinos and has a firm belief in the beauty of empowering lives through better careers. A junkie for endurance sports, he has competed, and podium placed in several events in triathlons, running and cycling. He has a quest to live in the present moment, by sharpening the mind thru constant meditation and yoga practice. He believes we have a duty to help society through people, and the planet through our environment.

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      Are you an agency?

      No, we are not an agency. We are your professional Talent Advisors
      that provide free unparalleled service to jobseekers!

      Do you deduct anything from your candidates’ salaries once hired?

      Our services are completely free for job seekers. We do not deduct anything from your
      salary once we help find you a better career.

      What are the advantages of applying to VCC Link
      versus your partner companies directly?

      There are multiple advantages! To name a few:
      – We can offer multiple possible openings during your application.
      – We can tailor fit openings based on your preferences.
      – We can actively look for opportunities even before the openings are published.
      – We can negotiate the highest possible salary on your behalf.
      – Active updates on possible openings in the industry even if you are not exploring.
      – Inside information about the industry and the next wave of talent openings.

      Reach out to your VCC Link Talent Advisor to know more!



      What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

      Our specialization is in the IT-BPM Industry. But we have partners in other industries such as FMCG, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc.

      What value will your organization bring to our hiring process?

      Finding the right talents is hard. We will ease the burden by finding the perfect candidates in light speed time. Our recruiters are smart, agile, and tactical. We pride ourselves on being flexible to bring the best out of the hiring process.

      Does your company provide staffing,
      temporary and/or permanent placements?

      Our services are purely for permanent placements, but we can help with your temporary openings too. Unfortunately, our license does not allow us for staffing services.

      What is the cost of your placement fees?

      Exceptional service is not cheap, but our fees are fair! We can customize the rates based on your budget. What is important is providing better careers to our fellow Filipinos.


    • IBPAP Membership

      Member since 2017.

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      PEA License No. M-22-03-004
      Valid until January 31, 2025


      V-CALL CENTER LINK (VCC LINK), INC. respects your right to privacy. When you interact with us, you may share Personal Data with us. Personal Data refers to information that identifies you personally, alone or in combination with other information available to us (e.g., your name, contact number, e-mail address, and IP address). To ensure that your right to privacy is protected in the course of our dealings and when we process your Personal Data, we are committed to comply with the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other relevant government regulations and issuances. This Privacy Notice outlines our data privacy principles and practices. We recommend that you read this Privacy Notice to understand how we collect, use, and process your Personal Data.


      By using our website or providing us your Personal Data, you will be treated as having given your permission for the collection, use, and processing of your Personal Data, and accepted the policies and practices described in this Privacy Notice.

      Please do not use our website or contact us if you do not consent towards the collection, usage, or processing of your Personal Data.

      VCC Link may modify this Privacy Notice at any time. To update yourself of any changes in the processing of your Personal Data, you may need to regularly review this Privacy Notice.

      Why does VCC Link collect and process your Personal Data?

      VCC Link collects only the Personal Data needed to effectively serve you and carry out its business operations. We may collect, use, and process your Personal Data for the following general purposes:

      • To conduct due diligence prior to the execution of a contract, and to facilitate the fulfilment of the terms of the contract thereafter;
      • To respond to your queries, complaints, and requests;
      • To provide information about our services which may be of interest to you;
      • To conduct research and analysis to improve customer experience;
      • To maintain security; and
      • To comply with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements or

      The use and processing of your Personal Data also depends on your transaction with us.

      If you inquire about, or avail our recruitment solutions, we may collect, use, or process your Personal Data to:

      • Prepare and execute the necessary contract/ service level agreement to cover the transaction;
      • Update our records and keep contact details and billing address up-to-date; and
      • Communicate any advisories, changes, and other information relevant to the contract/ service level agreement with the

      If you are a vendor/supplier, a potential vendor/supplier, we may collect, use, or process your Personal Data to:

      • Conduct the appropriate due diligence checks;
      • Evaluate your proposal, including your financial, and operational capacity;
      • Assess the viability of your proposal and process your accreditation;
      • Communicate any decision on such proposal;
      • Perform any other action as may be necessary to implement the term and conditions of our

      If you are a jobseeker/candidate or employee, we may collect, use, or process your Personal Data to:

      • Evaluate your suitability for employment and, with a written or expressed consent, retain your Personal Data for a maximum of ten (10) years for future job opportunities that may be of interest to you;
      • Communicate with you about your employment application;
      • For the verification or vetting of your credentials and other Personal Data;
      • For Government Compliance;
      • For Training Application/ Registration;
      • For Client Accreditation;
      • For Health Card enrolment (applicable for application and employment with the Company);
      • While employed to the Company, to evaluate your performance and career development;
      • Upon separation, to process your Personal Data for the exit interview and to prepare your final pay;
      • For the purposes that are deemed necessary to your application and employment with VCC Link or to its clients;
      • Perform such other processing or disclosure that may be required in the course of the Company’s business or under law or

      If you are visitor of VCC Link, we may use, collect, or process your Personal Data to:

      • Grant the access to or premises; and
      • Maintain the security within our premises.

      What Personal Data does VCC Link collect?

      The Company may collect and process any of the following Personal Data, among others:

      • Your name;
      • Your e-mail;
      • Your contact details;
      • Your address;
      • Your IP address; and/or
      • Any information relevant to the feedback you have

      Further transactions with us may require the processing of your Personal Data, such as but not limited to the following:

      • Basic personal information, such as full name, nickname, permanent and provincial address, e-mail address, contact numbers;
      • Financial details such as credit history, bank account;
      • Sensitive personal information, such as age, nationality, civil status, gender, health education, parents/guardian, monthly current and expected salary, and government-issued identification documents; and
      • Employment

      How does VCC Link collect my Personal Data?

      VCC LINK generally collects Personal Data directly from you when you:

      • Deal with VCC LINK employees in person, over the phone, by letter, email, or through the company’s website and job portals;
      • Submit a CV and/or application letter;
      • Fill out and submit an application form; and
      • Submit any other information in connection with your

      VCC LINK also collects your Personal Data from third parties that it will contact for verification purposes, such as in the following instances:

      • From the references you have provided;
      • Verification from academic institutions and/or professional associations or licensing bodies of the educational and professional qualifications you stated in your CV;
      • Inquiries from former employers and co-workers;
      • Performance feedback, including any administrative proceedings you were involved in at the workplace; or
      • Information on any investigation, professional license disciplinary matter, or criminal, civil or other legal proceedings in which you are or were

      VCC LINK will only collect Personal Data from third parties that you have specifically consented to. VCC LINK will normally obtain your prior consent but if it is unable to do so, it will take reasonable steps to inform you as soon as practicable that it has collected Personal Data from a third party and make sure that you are aware of the purposes for which VCC LINK has collected your Personal Data.

      Personal Data collected by placing a cookie on your computer

      We may also obtain information about you by placing a cookie on your computer. This is typically done to ease navigation through our website. Cookies that may be used are two kinds – session cookie and persistent cookie. A session cookie is used to place on your computer a computer- generated, unique identifier whenever you access our website. It does not identify you personally and expires as soon as you close your web browser. A persistent cookie does not expire when you close your browser, and stays on your computer, unless you delete it.

      If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may modify your web browser settings to turn them off or delete them from your computer. If you reject our cookies, however, or website may not function properly.

      Personal Data you knowingly and voluntarily provide

      We may also process the Personal Data you knowingly and voluntarily provide when you contact us. The Personal Data you provide will then be used to provide the service you requested. For instance, when you e-mail us a query, necessarily, we will collect your name and e-mail address to respond to you. We may also process the Personal data you provided through the submission of job application form, business proposals and recruitment services inquiry.

      Where does VCC Link store my Personal Data?

      Your Personal Data is controlled by V-CALL CENTER LINK (VCC LINK), INC., a company registered under Philippine law, whose principal office is at Unit 1906 Cityland 10, Tower 2, H.V Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, 1227 Philippines.

      For how long does VCC Link retain my Personal Data?

      VCC LINK will retain your Personal Data for as long as is necessary for the stated purpose. When no longer required or if you ask to be removed from VCC LINK’s systems, VCC LINK will dispose or delete your Personal Data in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access, or disclosure to any other party or the public.

      However, as VCC LINK may need to answer queries or resolve issues and comply with requirements under applicable laws, we may retain your Personal Data for a period of 10 years after your last interaction with VCC LINK. Should VCC LINK have a legitimate business reason

      to extend the retention period, we will specifically secure your written consent prior to the lapse of the 10-year period.

      To whom are my Personal data disclosed?

      VCC LINK will only share your Personal Data to third parties who have proper interest and only with your consent, unless permitted or required by law. VCC LINK shall take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties are bound by written agreements to use your Personal Data solely for the stated purpose and in accordance with VCC LINK’s instructions, and to comply with the DPA and IRR. VCC LINK may share your Personal Data with third parties, such as:

      • Clients of VCC Link (for endorsement of application)
      • Medical Provider of VCC Link (applicable for application and employment with VCC Link)
      • Training Institutions
      • Agents who conduct background checking and screening
      • service providers or contractors engaged to perform services on VCC LINK’s behalf, including IT consultants conducting testing and development work on VCC LINK’s IT systems or data encoders that encode your Personal Data in VCC LINK’s standard format, Accounting Firms; and
      • In the event VCC LINK enters into a joint venture with, is sold or merged with another business entity, the new owner would have access to the information held by VCC LINK, which could include your Personal Data.

      How does VCC Link protect my Personal Data?

      We value the security of your personal data. To protect the Personal Data, you give against accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure, or use, as well as other unlawful forms of processing, we utilize appropriate organizational, technological, and physical security measures.

      What are my rights with respect to my Personal Data? 

      As owner of Personal Data, you have the right to be informed of the Personal Data being or that have been processed by VCC Link, the right to gain reasonable access to your Personal Data, the right to object to processing of your Personal Data, the right to dispute any error in your Personal Data and have us correct it immediately, the right to obtain a copy of the Personal data in electronic format, the right to file a complaint before the National Privacy Commission if you think your right to privacy and data protection was violated, and the right to claim damages.

      How to contact us:

      You may e-mail us using any of the contact information shown below to exercise any of the above- mentioned privacy and data protection rights, gain access to your Personal Data, or request that we stop using or processing your Personal Data.

      The Data Privacy Officer of VCC Link may be reached through the following:

      Postal Address: Unit 1906 Cityland 10, Tower 2, H.V Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, 1227 Philippines
      Telephone Number: (02) 88875042
      E-mail Address: red.m@vcc-link.com


      Changes to Privacy Policy

      VCC LINK has the right to modify or update this Privacy Notice at any time by issuing a notice on its website.

    • PEA License

      PEA License No. M-22-03-004
      Valid until January 31, 2025